Hide and Seek 

Spent the day on Brownsea island with the girls…

A beautiful but hot 15 minute boat ride over from Poole harbour to the Island.

We’re National Trust Members so entry was free.

I was desperate to see the famous Red Squirrels.

Red squirrels are actually native to Britain.

It’s the greys that are introoders.

Look who we spotted!!

Playing hide and seek with the visitors and their camera’s!!

Even got a cheeky smile!!

Lunch and then we headed back to the ferry about 3.30 for our boat trip around all the surrounding Islands…

We got to see many boats racing in the Round the Island Race!!

Home to chill after a fabulous day….
Sa xXx



Schools out for Summer…

Wednesday 20th June…

Finally schools out for summer. 

So happy. The Thought of no school runs for 6 weeks!! 

*Doing a happy dance!!

Last day of term we always meet up at the local pub. 

Drinks (soft) Cheesey chips and a good old natter!! 

Then an Evening spent with friends. 
The girls enjoyed cooling off in the pool. 

Teen2 away with friends. Staying at their beach Hut. 

Today (Thursday) 
After 7 months or so of me saying no to Teen1 having her septum pierced.

I gave in and let her have her nose pierced. (Not her septum)

Actually looks cute. But really didn’t want her to.

She turns 16 in a few months so I’m glad she had it done with me and not behind my back. 

A little cooler today after the last few days temperatures reaching 33° 

Sa x

Lordington Lavender 

Beautiful day…

Visited the Lordington Lavender Farm in Chichester.

Wow!! Gorgeous and the smell was intoxicating.

Very popular place, it was packed.

It’s the last weekend to visit the field.

The crop will be harvested shortly.

Then on to find Pokémon…

YES the youngones are addicted to this latest craze!!




Granny Square Heart Tutorial!

Lizzie Bella

Heart Tutorial Words

With Valentine’s Day just a couple weeks away, I thought it would be fun to post a quick heart tutorial! This heart is pretty easy and fast; the first two rounds of this heart are just a simple granny square!

To start, chain 5 and join to form a ring.


Round 1:

1. Chain 3 (counts as first dc), 2dc in ring


2. *ch.2, 3dc in ring*


3. Repeat between ** 2 more times.


4. To end, ch2 and slip stitch it top of beginning ch3


5. slip stitch across to ch2 space.


Round 2 

6. Ch3 (counts as first dc), 2dc in ch2 space


7. ch2, 3 more dc in ch2 space, ch1


8. *3dc, ch2, 3dc in next corner space, ch1*


9. Repeat between ** 2 more times in the corner spaces


10. To end round 2, slip stitch in the third ch of the beginning ch3.



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30 Days Wild ~ June Challenge

Make room for nature this June – no matter where you are or how busy your life! Make this the month when you do something wild every day – and motivate you! When you sign up to the challenge, They will send you a pack full of encouragement, ideas and Random Acts of Wildness.

Wildlifetrust … you can sign up here… sign up for #30dayswild

Day1… Female Stonechat spotted in the New Forest


Day2… In the Garden, GS Woodpecker and pretty faces in the Viola’s


Day3… 8mile walk at Keyhaven Nature reserve…


Day4… wild flowers and an empty egg:-)


Not sure we will be able to keep up and post everyday throughout June but we will give it a try.

#WotW has to be #30DaysWild



The Reading Residence


<a href=”http://www.coombemill.com/blog/category/Country-Kids.aspx&#8221; target=”_blank” title=”Country Kids from Coombe Mill Farm Holidays Cornwall”><img src=”http://www.coombemill.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/th_Country_Kids_badge_transparent.png&#8221; border=”0″ width=”200″ alt=”Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall” title=”Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall” /></a>